“We pride ourselves in performing duties expediently and with integrity while assuring our clients that their property is returned as close to its original state as possible.”


Once your property has been condemned by officials or you believe it has been compromised, our certified technicians can be there to sample your property within an hour of your call.  We perform pre-testing of your property by way of doing a complete site assessment and quantitative testing and analysis.  Our testing procedures comply with NIOSH guidelines as set forth and adopted by the EPA.  Our samples are received and analyzed by an EPA accredited laboratory.  We pride our services on quality documentation and certified technicians who are seasoned professionals who are able to provide the skills and experience necessary to properly perform illicit drug lab remediation and testing for meth.

Remediation & Post-Testing

Upon remediation of the home, you can expect all hazardous materials to have been removed and properly disposed of in adherence to the guidelines set forth by the EPA.  Our decontamination services allow for confidence in knowing your home is free of contamination of illicit illegal drug toxins. Photo documentation will be taken and provided to the property owner including, but not limited to: sampling sites, pre-remediation conditions, specific property conditions, and post-remediation.  Our post-sampling procedures are consistent with our pre-sampling procedures as set forth by the NIOSH guidelines.  A final clearance report will be provided to you and the appropriate local official, at the conclusion of our services, so you can engage in the final steps in resuming occupancy and/or business.


We perform methamphetamine testing & remediation for:

  • Homes
  • Apartments
  • Hotel/Motel Rooms
  • Sheds
  • Motor Homes
  • Vehicles

Once your property has been compromised or condemned, call us for testing for meth & decontamination of illicit drug lab properties 24/7/365.