Bio-Hazard Redemediation Services
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Amie Dulay-York

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    As President of Bio-Absolute, Inc., I have oversight of Operations, Safety, Quality Assurance, Client Services and Family Consultation. I believe very strongly that helpful acts and contributions to the welfare of others are important, as well as building an impeccable reputation for our business. Success is rooted firmly in moral excellence. I hold many certifications in the Bio-hazard industry and enjoy continuing education to remain knowledgeable and cutting edge.

    I am much engrained in LEO family, as my Father is a 22-year St. Louis City Detective and I am an active Board Member for Police Associations in various districts of St. Louis.   My business skills and passion for philanthropy stem from my mother and her successful business career as President of the 8th largest janitorial woman-owned business. Community outreach and service to the citizens is important to me. When community residents are faced with unexpected and or tragic circumstances, I want them to know and trust our services.