Methamphetamine is one of the biggest drug problems facing the United States—and Missouri in particular. The state of Missouri ranks at the top of the list for most discovered methamphetamine labs. Bio-Absolute specializes in the testing and remediation of these hazardous sites.

About Methamphetamine

Meth is one of the most addictive drugs in history. It is more addictive than crack cocaine, marijuana, PCP, and heroin. It is commonly manufactured in illegal, hidden methamphetamine labs. The drug is made by mixing various forms of amphetamine (another stimulant drug) with other chemicals to boost its potency. The meth “cook” extracts the ingredients from pills and combines them with battery acid, drain cleaner, lantern fuel, or antifreeze. These dangerous chemicals are potentially explosive. Because the meth cooks are typically drug users themselves, they are often disoriented. They may be severely burned, disfigured, or even killed when their preparations explode. Such accidents endanger others in nearby homes or buildings, making this issue a public nuisance. Click here to learn more about meth in Missouri.

Toxic Waste from Methamphetamine Labs

Illegal methamphetamine labs create a lot of toxic waste. For every 1 pound of finished product, 5 or 6 pounds of chemical waste are left at the illicit laboratory site. People exposed to this waste material can become poisoned and sick.

Why Remediate?

Professional bio-hazard remediation provides the best resolution to the many problems and risks posed by methamphetamine labs. Here’s why these sites must be remediated:

  • Missouri is 1 of the 14 states that require property owners to disclose former drug production to potential buyers or tenants. Without proper remediation, these properties may be very difficult to sell or rent out.
  • The cooking process releases a cloud of toxic chemicals (including hydrochloric acid, phosphorous, iodine, and methamphetamine itself) that seeps into floors and walls. These toxic materials can cause long-term health problems if not thoroughly remediated.
  • A wide array of chemicals found in contaminated methamphetamine labs emit volatile organic compounds (VOCs), a harmful group of chemicals including benzene and toluene. These chemicals may not give off an alarming odor. However, breathing low levels of VOCs for long periods of time may lead to long-term health effects.
  • If local officials discover methamphetamine and/or paraphernalia used to make methamphetamine on your property, you will need to have the site tested. If exposure levels are detected, your property must be remediated by an experienced and qualified contractor. Click here to learn more about testing for methamphetamine.

Bio-Absolute offers prompt, professional methamphetamine testing and meth lab remediation. If your property is contaminated or condemned, call our office at 314-898-2138 or contact us online.