Animal Feces Cleanup

Bio-Absolute, Inc. offers professional animal feces cleanup services to St. Louis and surrounding areas. If your home, business, or property is contaminated with animal feces or droppings, Bio-Absolute can help. Animal droppings may contain dangerous contaminants or disease-causing germs contributing to the spread of tuberculosis, bird flu, hantavirus, and other infectious diseases. Furthermore, they often result in strong stains and odors that can be extremely difficult to remove. Our certified bio-hazard remediation specialists will act swiftly and professionally to provide a safe and thorough animal feces cleanup.

About Animal Feces Remediation

Animal feces remediation, or animal feces cleanup, may be required in the case of rodent infestations or other events. Rat or mouse infestations are common in kitchens. Droppings from racoons, birds, bats, squirrels, and various other rodents are also common in garages and attics. Sites containing animal droppings may contain various biological contaminants, germs, and pathogens. These must be properly remediated with specialized training and equipment. Contaminated carpet, flooring, and other materials must be properly disinfected, sanitized, and deodorized. In some cases, materials may need to be removed and properly disposed of. Our cleaning specialists are trained to follow all federal and state regulations when coming into contact with animal droppings or feces. They will take all necessary measures to prevent the spread of animal-to-human diseases such as tuberculosis, bird flu, and hantavirus.

About Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrome (HPS)

According to the CDC, “Infection with hantavirus can progress to Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrome (HPS), which can be fatal.” Humans can contract the hantavirus infection by coming into contact with infected rodents or their urine and droppings. In the U.S., deer mice are the most common carriers of the virus. Animal feces remediation, combined with quality rodent control, is the best way to prevent the spread of hantavirus and HPS.

Our Animal Feces Cleanup Services

At Bio-Absolute, our bio-hazard and animal feces cleanup services are environmentally friendly and highly professional. We are very experienced in the cleaning of stubborn stains and odors resulting from animal droppings. Our certified cleaning technicians have the skills and training needed to safely remove contaminants in order to prevent the potential spread of animal-to-human diseases. We are committed to restoring your property as closely to its original state as possible. Bio-Absolute cleaners will perform their duties as quickly possible, while ensuring that your property is safely and thoroughly restored.

Are you in need of professional animal feces cleanup or other bio-hazard remediation services? Please do not hesitate to get in touch. Call our office at 314-898-2138 or contact us online. We are always on call.