Bio-Hazard Remediation Services



We understand. A terrible event has happened and all you want is to have your most treasured possessions cleansed and as close to restored as possible. Our technicians will treat every item as if it was their own and will ensure they get returned to you in the best & safest condition possible.



Our technicians will be there until the job is done to your satisfaction. They will communicate with you throughout the entire clean-up process and will provide straight-forward advice you can trust.


Timely Cleanup

Our cleanup technicians will move as swiftly as possible while still ensuring a thorough job. We understand that the sooner you can get back into your home, the sooner you can begin to heal.

Our Mission

Bio-Absolute, Inc. offers environmentally friendly decontamination services to individuals as they cope with the difficulties of unforeseen circumstances. Whether it is a trauma or crime scene needing swift and discreet cleanup or the sensitive issue of hoarding, Bio-Absolute will be there to help alleviate the pain of the situation. Our services also include testing for the presence of methamphetamine for various properties and proper remediation, if so detected.

In times of urgent need, it is our commitment to respectfully and professionally support our clients as they cope with sudden, unexpected or tragic circumstances.

Our professionally trained and certified team of cleaning specialists will explain the course of action first and offer support and guidance as needed. Nothing will be done without your knowledge. We do it right, the first time.

With the utmost empathy, our cleaning crew will perform their duties as quickly possible, while assuring our clients that their property is returned as closely to its original state as possible.

24-hour Hotline

Emergency services available 365 days a year.